Telephone System

Scalable and Modular S-Series VoIP PBX

Telephony Modules

S2 Module

2 FXS Ports

Add 2 analog telephones.

O2 Module

2 FXO Ports

Connect 2 analog PSTN (POTS) lines.

SO Module

1 FXS Port & 1 FXO Port

Unique PSTN Fallback Function

B2 Module

2 BRI Ports

2 x NT/TE BRI Ports

GSM Module

1 GSM Channel

1 Channel for GSM Voice Calls Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (quad-band)

3G Module

1 WCDMA Channel

1 Channel for WCDMA Voice Calls Frequency: 900/2100 MHz, 850/2100 MHz, 850/1900 MHz

4G LTE Module

3G/4G Voice Call & Data

Insert 4G module on Slot_1 of S20&S50 and Slot_1 of EXP 1 of S100&S300.